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I.B.S production is equipped for converting polymers to rigid packages like bottles, jerrycans jars and closures.
Technologies used are:
  • Injection for PET preform production
  • Stretch blowing for molding preforms to PET bottles
  • Injection Stretch blow molding: for PET preform production & blow molding to bottles or jars at the same machine
  • Extrusion Blow molding for PE & PP bottle and jerrycan
  • Injection molding for closure production
  • Sleeve application on bottles and jars

Our production process is properly designed to serve small and large lots, very small containers from 10milliters and large ones up to 12liters. To meet all these market needs we employ various machine models per each process technology.

We have established long term collaborations with outstanding machinery suppliers like Husky and Nissei.

Our equipment allows us to choose among small and high mold cavitation according lot size needs. We collaborate with experienced mold makers in Greece or abroad, choosing each time among the most experienced in the specific project.

We are continuously investing on new generation machines for best quality output, lower environmental footprint, safe and efficient production.

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