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Environmental Management System

I.B.S manages its environmental responsibilities in a systematic way that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. For this, the company has been accredited and follows the ISO14001:2015.

Energy and Water Management

Energy efficiency is the most compelling reason for the plastics processing industry for both cost and environmental considerations. To optimize our performance in production and logistics services we apply definite Energy Monitoring, Logging and Managing System that is continuously improved.

Improvements include production planning improvements, investments on technological advanced machinery (like full electric machines, inverter drive systems for efficient motor control, adiabatic cooling), best utilization of production cycle, efficient use of logistics services etc.

Water is of the most important resources of our planet and we feel the responsibility to take care for optimum use. In plastics processing we use water for cooling purposes and working in close lope systems, we succeed very low consumption. In the beverage unit, we use water as raw material and for cooling and cleaning purposes.

We are continuously striving to reduce water consumption in all applications.

Material Management

No doubt, reduction of material consumption is always important environmental consideration, that is why the materials management starts as early as possible, from the development stage. Working on product specifications, we try to provide the required product properties, with lowest material consumption. To achieve it, we carefully work on product design and material choice, keeping the packages as light as possible. In addition, thanks to modern technologies and effective quality control, we eliminate material wastes. I.B.S does not use materials that harm environment like plasticisers and heavy metals.

Our experts are aware of new eco-friendly material developments, like post recycled polymers and biobased plastics (plastics from renewable resources). In our regular production there are rPET bottles and jars made of 100% post recycled material fully complying with Food & Drink packaging regulations. Biobased PET, PP and PE are also alternative material options.


Plastics are valuable materials for our daily life and offer important advantages over other materials in several applications. All the materials we use for our packaging proposals are fully recyclable. The crucial issue in recycling is the existence of effective recycling systems and consumer involvement in recycling.

Our efforts in plastics recycling focus on

 – Internal recycling and waste reduction, working under specific procedures and continuous training of personnel

 – Facilitating post consuming recycling by providing proper designed packages

 – Following the new legislation instructions in order to contribute to EU recycling targets.

We are in close collaboration with our customers concerning sustainable use and communication of the packages we offer them.

We also participate to Alternative Recycling Collective Management System.

Social activity for environment

We consider it important obligation to provide objective and scientifically sound information to consumers, about plastics packaging and their environmental impact.

For this we take both own actions and contribute to collective efforts for public awareness on circular and sustainable use of plastic packages.

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