The production process is specially designed so that IBS can at all times meet the constantly increasing customer demands, setting new quality goals, improving product designs and updating the technological equipment.
In the new generation machines of the vertically integrated production line the following technologies are followed:

  • Injection for Preforms PET production (HUSKY machines)
  • Stretch blowing for moulding Preforms to PET bottles (two-stage production – ideal for high-speed production, NISSEI machines)
  • Injection Stretch blow moulding: for Preform PET production & blow moulding Preform to bottles at the same machine (one-stage production – ideal for difficult and sophisticated bottles and vases, SIAPI, MAG PLASTIC machines etc.). )
  • Blow moulding for PE & PP bottle production.

We should point out that for the extrusion and blowing of preforms high pressure oil free compressors are used.