Vision and Values


IBS’s vision is to be the top and indisputable choice for its customers. To achieve that goal the company has been based on a steady philosophy:

  • to produce and provide products that meet high quality standards
  • to continually invest in developing human resources
  • to create a trusting relationship with suppliers and customers
  • to identify and exploit opportunities that emerge in a constantly changing economic and technological environment and ultimately to support innovative solutions.


We demand of ourselves, our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners the highest ethical standards. We communicate openly and honestly and demonstrate integrity in our behavior and actions.

Environment, health and safety

Above all we value human life. We focus on continuous improvement of our systems and processes regarding environmental protection, health and safety in the workplace. We comply with the law, setting strict criteria both for us and our suppliers.

Our people

We recognize that the most important success factor of IBS is its work force. We support our people, acting always with understanding and respect for their needs. We believe in meritocracy and make provision for their continuous training and development within an environment of trust, teamwork and open communication.


We always seek new ideas and proposals by encouraging innovation, which is a key factor of our development.

Customer Focus

We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients, our main concern being to offer excellent service especially in terms of quality, quantity and delivery time.


We take responsibility for our actions and accept their consequences. We constantly implement effective ways of managing the company. We use productively all our financial resources to avoid loss of time, labor and materials. We seek to achieve our goals always looking for the best results in our work.


Responsible behavior for us is a strategic management choice and a fundamental condition for our progress towards sustainable development.