IBS corporation was established in 1973 and is today one of the biggest industries in Greece that produce plastic bottles and preforms suitable for food.
At the same time IBS has been operating in the production and distribution of cola-type soft drinks since 1979, when the company began cooperation with the German firm Sinalco. In 2004 that cooperation was suspended and IBS started its own course in the field of soft drinks with a new name, Frutop, presenting Orange, Lemonade and Sour Cherry flavours, using exclusively Greek fruit juices, as well as Cola, Cocktail, Swing, Lemon-Lime, Tonic Water and Soda. Today the company cooperates with the biggest supermarkets in Greece.
IBS also operates a fully equipped olive oil standardization unit.
It was the first company in Greece that introduced PET technology for the production of specialized bottles and preforms for edible products.

With the use of high quality machinery and advanced technology IBS produces preforms PET and specialized bottles, containers and jars for edible products (oils, water, soft drinks and fruit juices), cosmetics, detergents and mineral oils made from PET and PE in a wide variety of innovative designs and sizes, ranging from 12 ml up to 12lt.

The operation of the company is specially designed so that IBS can at all times meet the constantly increasing customer demands, setting new quality goals, continually improving the variety and selection of product designs and updating the technological equipment.
Combining know-how, advanced technology and respect towards the environment, IBS has been building the present and the future in the plastic food packaging and soft drinks bottling sectors.